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Beowulf began in 1997 as Birmingham’s only independent brewery and has since moved to the shores of Chasewater.

We have been brewing award-winning beer for 25 years now and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Beowulf was a hero and so are you.


Mango Sypian Clip.png


Barrel 4.3%
Bottle 4.5%

Mango Sypian (pronounced ‘sippian’) is the newest beer in the Beowulf range. Sypian translates as ‘to sip or drink’ in Old English. It has bursts of juicy mango, combined with a tropical hoppy aroma. This is a pale ale which is refreshing and moderately dry on the palate, with a smooth and delicately bitter finish.

Handover Clip.png


Barrel 3.8%
Bottle 4.0%

Handover is a session pale ale packed full of unique, distinct and very moreish flavour. Using new Most hops from the Czech Republic, this ale was designed to be enjoyed all year round, day and night with notes of blackcurrant, pineapple and grapefruit it has a taste that just keeps giving long into the aftertaste. The name, Handover, came from the literal handover of Beowulf brewery from founder Phil to new owner Joe in April 2022 and was born to commemorate this occasion.

Wulf Clip.png


Barrel 4.3%
Bottle 4.5%

Wulf is Beowulf Breweries flagship pale ale. It headlines the pale ale selection from the brewery and is delightfully quaffable in taste, a true 'easy-drinker'. The name is obviously taken from the word Beowulf but the beer also uses Wolf hops - it was a match made in Beowulf folklore! This is a golden and hoppy pale ale with a hint of grapefruit and passionfruit - a proud, single-hop beer that is both crisp and refreshing.

Wergild Clip.png


Barrel 4.3%
Bottle 4.5%

Wergild is a cask conditioned lager ~ still a rarity amongst real ales. This is a skilful, continental mixture of bitterness and fruit.

Wuffa Clip.png


Barrel 4.5%
Bottle 5.0%

Wuffa is a golden, pale beer boasting a tremendous creaminess that marries ingeniously with its flowery bitterness.

Chasebuster Clip.png


Barrel 4.5%
Bottle 5.0%

Chasebuster is a pale hoppy bitter with a popular citrus aroma.

Mercian Shine Clip.png


Barrel 5.0%
Bottle 5.8%

Mercian Shine is a pale bitter ale with a fresh, hoppy and fruity aroma and a dry finish. Its bitterness dances on the palate.

IPA Clip.png


Barrel 7.2%
Bottle 7.4%

IPA is a proper India Pale Ale. Hopped in the traditional style with enough clout to allow it to be transported to India if necessary. Our hope it that it has the merit of the original style of ale and outlives trendiness.

Dark Raven Clip.png


Barrel 4.5%
Bottle 4.8%

Like Beowulf, Dark Raven has become a legend and Beowulf’s flagship dark ale. Headlining the renowned dark beers of Beowulf Brewery it is brewed using pale, black and crystal malts and hopped with Fuggles. It has a BIG smoked malt aroma with liquorice, espresso coffee, dark chocolate and burnt fruit. Bitter hops break through on the palate and finish with creamy coffee, dark fruit and roasted grain. Over the years it has won numerous awards and is a favourite of many – here to stay, forever!

F.H.P. Clip.png


Barrel 4.7%
Bottle 5.2%

F.H.P. (Finn’s Hall Porter) is a multi-award winning, champion beer and a fitting tribute to Finn a character famed for his hospitality and brought to life in the story of Beowulf. Our porter is as it should be: inviting, dark and smoky, hoppy and not too sweet. The kind of ale that invites one to linger.

Chocolate Porter Clip.png


Barrel 4.7%
Bottle 5.2%

Chocolate Porter gives a good bitterness with chocolate and coffee flavours and aromas.

Black Blueberry Clip.png


Barrel 4.5%
Bottle 5.2%

Black & Blueberry is a dark ale finished off with a judicious dose of blueberries.

Black Cherry Clip.png


Barrel 4.5%
Bottle 5.2%

Black Cherry is a cherry flavoured dark mild. Sweet and smooth.

Dragon Smoke Clip.png


Barrel 4.7%
Bottle 5.3%

Dragon Smoke Stout has been proclaimed CAMRA’s Midland stout of the year repeatedly. Dark malts and roasted barley combine to produce a smouldering “chocolate” flavour followed by a mouth embracing bitterness.

Strong Mild Clip.png


Barrel 7.4%
Bottle 7.5%

Strong Mild is full, rich and malty. It has the sweetness and aroma of sticky fruit pudding, berries and toffee.

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